Thursday, June 5, 2014


I recently had the chance to be part of a steamroller event alongside my fellow Wichita State University printing guild members. We were asked to carve a block of wood that was 4 ft tall and a little over 2 feet wide. This is not really my area of artistic expertise but then again, when have I ever backed down from a challenge?

Most people that revel in this medium use old school hand wood carving tools. I have poopie el cheapo versions that uber suck. So I decided to work smarter and not harder... and snagged my buddy Duane's rotary tool, otherwise referred to as a Drimel.

This still took quite a lot of patience and precision that obviously can only come with practice. I think it's proven quite useful and time saving so in my next attempt at this medium I'm going to really design something with this particular tool in mind.

Then it was off to the main event! It was held during the Art Tougeau Pre-Parade Street Party Friday, May 30 at the Lawrence Arts Center in Lawrence, Kansas. So a quick two plus hour ride from Wichita and I was in the thick of it. It was hot, fun and I made a short 30 second video of the inking and pressing of my piece. Check it out:

It was one hell of an event with many talented artists and people that fight to keep the art scene thriving. I can't wait for the next ink smeared heavy roller happening that I can be a part of.

Ink slathered woodcut

The first print on muslin

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